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CNG – The Fake Fuel

CNG (or LNG) is understood to mean “Compressed Natural Gas” or methane, chemical formula : CH4

In the current imagination, an urban legend has established itself where methane appears as an ecological energy source. This narrative leads to an association of CNG with nature and clear skies.

Unfortunately, this evocative marketing ploy has been well thought of, but it is a dangerous piece of fake information which has to be exposed.

CNG or LNG, also called Methane or CH4, is one of the major greenhouse gases following carbon dioxide (CO2), which is generated from its combustion, but we can certainly state that it is the most invasive and damaging, since it generates three times its weight in CO2 on combustion.

That is to say, for each kg of burnt methane about 3kg of CO2 are generated.

This fact alone should already be enough to immediately ban this fuel, however it is not the only negative aspect.

With the temperature increases following the release of CO2 in the atmosphere, we are seeing a quick melting of glaciers, in particular of the permafrost which is in itself a gigantic reservoir of CH4.

The release of these large amounts is modifying areas of the stratosphere (between 8,000 and 12,000 km) often appearing as chemtrails, which could soon render the atmosphere unbreathable.

Atmospheric Arctic Methane Heat :